Drink / Drug Driving

Drink Driving

For many people the first and only time they have to go to Court is for a drink driving offence

When you have never been to Court before this can be a very stressful experience, particularly if you don’t fully understand the process, what your options are and what is likely to happen.

Chris understands that these are key issues for his clients and uses his expertise and communication skills to clearly explain the court process, all the information you need to know and what your options are.

Chris will also advise you in relation to how to get appropriate personal and work references that will assist your case when it goes to Court.

Drink driving laws changed in NSW in 2015. For certain drink driving offences there are now mandatory interlock device requirements as well as licence disqualification and other penalties.

Interlock devices are machines that are fitted into your car and require you undergo and breath test before the car will start.

Chris knows all the relevant legislation regarding drink driving offences, the requirements regarding interlock devices and an clearly explain them to you as his client.

Licence Disqualification

In most drink driving offences there is a mandatory minimum licence disqualification period.

Most drink driving offences have a general period of disqualification as well as a mandatory minimum disqualification.

In some more minor drink driving offences the Court has power not to impose a disqualification.

In other matters, depending on the individual circumstances of the defendant, their age, driving experience and other factors the Court may be persuaded not to convict them of a drink driving offence. This happens via an order under section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act. Effectively if there is no conviction imposed by the Court there is no fine and no licence disqualification imposed.

Chris can give you expert advice in relation to all aspects of your case. His knowledge combined with his advocacy skills ensure his clients get the best possible result.


Drug Driving

The emergence of drug testing of drivers on NSW roads is seeing an increase in the amount of people appearing in Court charged with drug driving.

Drug driving is detected by administration of an oral fluid test which detects various drugs in the saliva contained on your tongue. Commonly known as Mobile Drug Testing (MDT) this sort of testing is rapidly increasing on NSW roads.

If you have to go to Court for a drug driving matter Chris can provide you with specialist advice, discuss your options with you and represent you in your matter.

See our helpful information page for information about Traffic Offender education courses that are available. Completion of one of these courses can result in reductions in the penalties applied by the Court.